Helpful hint for folks like Ellen Barkin who think they are smarter than other people because they vote differently from them: If you’re going to call a large group of people dumb and condescend to them like a hateful rage-shrew make sure you DON’T show everyone how dumb you really are while doing so.

See, this editor is a helper.

Ellen must’ve been desperate for attention (any sort) when she tweeted this thread of stupid:

Obvious troll is obvious.

Sure, Ellen, we’re the dumb ones.

There’s a reason people like her read lines someone else wrote for a living.

She continued …



And Ellen thinks Trump supporters are the dumb ones. K.

Yeah, she TOTALLY meant to do that.

Oh, and ‘ward’.


What a hyena.

Ellen must really want four more years of this.

We do believe this is called a self-own, although Ellen will likely claim she did this on purpose to make some point about spelling errors. And hey, let’s go with that line of reasoning as well – being as stupid as the guy she just called stupid proves a point how?

Yeah, fail. So much fail.


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