Ellen DeGeneres’ explanation for sitting next to and being kind to George W. Bush all but broke Twitter between the number of people high-fiving her and others shrieking about how she is a traitor for being nice to a ‘war criminal’. We hope she doesn’t waste any time reading through the responses to her video …

All this editor can say about some of the responses Ellen was getting is that she weeps for this country.

And speaking of weeping, Chris Cillizza (who once famously claimed the media doesn’t root for a political side) tried to make Ellen’s speech about being anti-Trump.

Don’t make that face, we didn’t write it.

From CNN:

What DeGeneres is advocating there is sort of anti-Trumpism in its purest form. Because what this President represents, more than any issue stance or policy position, is the idea that people who disagree with you are to be mocked, to be villainized, to be bullied. If you disagree with Trump on, well, anything, you are his enemy. The only way to be in his good graces — and therefore, in the good graces of those who support him — is to agree with him on absolutely everything.

Ellen’s whole point was about getting along even if people disagree politically.

But ok, Chris.

True story.

Like we said, a classic Cillizza take.

We’re not sure if it comes naturally for him or if he has to work at it.

Either way, impressive, right?

It wasn’t easy.

True story.


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