All we can say about this thread from Tracy Beanz is you need to read it.


It is long BUT it cuts right through the noise around the latest attempt by the Left to smear and destroy Kavanaugh and is totally worth your time.

Seems like only yesterday …

All this to protect abortion.

That’s pretty pathetic.

Such a classy guy.


*more popcorn*

And the Left need those activist judges.

In other words, their constant temper-tantrum over losing the White House will suffer a big ol’ barrier, finally.

They’re terrified of Trump picking another Justice.

Good ol’ Sheldon.

*adjusts tinfoil*

And then they’re really hosed.

Clearly very desperate.

Twitter kicked someone who had this info out?

Color us shocked.


Dumb then, dumb NOW: AOC sharing video of herself smearing Kavanaugh nearly a year ago does NOT go as she planned

WOW: You KNOW the NYT really screwed the pooch when even Joe Scarborough is calling OUT their Kavanaugh hit-piece

‘They are CORRUPT’: Brit Hume rakes NYT over the coals for attempting to revive their smear campaign against Kavanaugh

‘You spelled FRAUD wrong’: Amy Klobuchar claims Christine Blasey Ford ‘looks like courage’ and WHOA NELLY the backfire