Like the rest of us who aren’t beholden to push the Leftist narrative that BRETT KAVANAUGH is bad because ORANGE MAN BAD, Brit Hume is frustrated and even angry with the New York Times for trying once again to smear an innocent man.

It’s so damn annoying.

Brit, as usual, said it far better:

From the Spectator:

I guess that The New York Times didn’t get the memo. Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court last fall. He is sitting there (officially, I mean) right now, as I write. Despite the most disgusting, ad hominem, evidence-free effort at character assassination of a Supreme Court nominee in history, the combined forces of The New York Times and other cesspool media organs like The New Yorker, bottom-feeding Senate Democrats, feminazis of various stripes, and other woke constituencies on the left, Kavanaugh made it. One of the most ostentatiously qualified candidates for the Supreme Court in recent memory managed — just barely — to slip through the gauntlet of baseless accusation, wild fantasy, and prurient hysteria and ascend to the country’s highest court. Hurrah.

Hurrah indeed.

They have been relentless in their efforts to destroy him.

It makes us wonder if RBG isn’t doing so hot.

*adjusts tinfoil*

See what we mean?

Something has to be going on here, the question is what.

And why.

And HOLY CRAP are we really writing about this again?


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