Over the weekend, Ilhan Omar was asked on CBS (right?!) about her ‘some people did something’ comments regarding 9/11 since she was called out by a family member at a memorial for the thousands of innocent Americans murdered that day.

The guy wore her words on a t-shirt even.

And yes, her response and/or explanation is as repugnant as you’d expect:

Poor Ilhan.

She’s the REAL victim here, you evil people you. Think about how horrible SHE had it after that horrible day.

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads we would be able to see Russia from our house.

Socialist Democrats are some of the most self-centered, self-serving politicians we’ve seen in a long time and THAT’S saying something.

He’d be so proud.

Putting it nicely.

Thinking she realizes the weight of her words, we’re just not sure she really cares.


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