Stop the presses!

Americans own a lot of guns! RIGHT?! OMG! A country where the inherent right to bear arms is recognized has a whole lot of arms in it …

Whoda thunk it?

From Vox:

This has become an American routine: After every mass shooting, the debate over guns and gun violence starts up once again. Maybe some bills get introduced. Critics respond with concerns that the government is trying to take away their guns. The debate stalls. So even as America continues experiencing levels of gun violence unrivaled in the rest of the developed world, nothing happens — no laws are passed by Congress, nothing significant is done to try to prevent the next horror.

So why is it that for all the outrage and mourning with every mass shooting, nothing seems to change? To understand that, it’s important to grasp not just the stunning statistics about gun ownership and gun violence in the United States, but America’s unique relationship with guns — unlike that of any other developed country — and how it plays out in our politics to ensure, seemingly against all odds, that our culture and laws continue to drive the routine gun violence that marks American life.

Blame the guns!

Guns BAD!

Dana Loesch dropped them … like it’s hot. Too much? They’re not all golden, folks. 😉

Dana really should learn to express herself. Heh.

Sadly there is more truth to this tweet than we’d like to admit.

Violence sells.



Ok, so that shouldn’t be funny but it is.



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