You know if Jonathan Chait is even taking issue with Ben Penn’s story on Leif Olson that it’s REALLY, really not good. As we’ve been reporting this morning, Penn appears to have targeted Olson over a Facebook post where he was mocking well-known anti-Semite, Paul Nehlen. But instead of highlighting the true post, Olson has been framed himself as an anti-Semite and the DOL ‘accepted his resignation’ this morning.

AKA he was likely fired.

Check out Chait’s thread.

Paul Nehlen, the guy who couldn’t get elected as dog catcher … yup.

Ding ding ding.

This ain’t rocket science.

And any idiot could see that Olson was being sarcastic and defending RYAN.

Hello, DOL?


Us too.

Was likely offered the chance to resign before being fired because goodness knows the DOL didn’t want to be accused of protecting and employing an anti-Semite.

We shall see …


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