As Twitchy reported earlier, Bloomberg activist … err … journalist Ben Penn’s scoop basically got Trump Labor Department’s new Sr. Adviser, Leif Olson, fired. Well, the DOL ‘accepted his resignation’ which most of the time is a fancy way in government to say someone was fired.

What kind of douchebag goes after someone for trashing known anti-Semite, Paul Nehlan?

Oh, that’s right, this guy.

‘Take issue with the reporting.’


And they wonder why people hate them.


We’ll let you know if and when Ben answers Will’s questions which will likely be NEVER.

Sounds like he called people within the DOL and asked them about how they felt employing an anti-Semite. But it’s not his fault and stuff!

This IS the media.

I was just looking for some way to harass and get a man fired.

Gosh, can’t figure that out either.


‘D*ck move, man’: Bloomberg activist Ben Penn’s ‘scoop’ gets Leif Olson FIRED, proving Trump right once again about the media

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