You’d think by now that Alyssa Milano would have learned that when you ask stupid questions you win stupid prizes. But oh no, the G-List Actress continues to offer up plenty of Twitchy fodder (we should send her cookies).

This time the ‘Dickie Roberts Child Star’ co-star asked a snotty question about God, guns, and the Bible. Lucky for her, Senator Ted Cruz was more than happy to educate her.


She asked for it.


And to protect themselves from the government if need be.

Damn, this is good.

You know this one pissed her off. EL OH EL.

Hell yeah.

In other words, take a seat, Alyssa. Take a million of them.

Alyssa got all sorts of cranky with Ted answering her silly question.

She mad.

Ever the gentleman.

Please, let this debate happen.



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