Mental note. When anyone has a whole lot of cats in their cover photo and/or avi, odds are they’re going to have issues with straight white men on some level. We’re not saying all people with a lot of cats in their social media are like this but the chance that they are going to screech at you about their pronouns or eating meat is pretty high.

Take for example Miranda Yaver, who per her bio is a political scientist and per her tweets, a professor.

And you can totally see how intelligent she is with this doozy of a tweet.

Anatomical assumptions.

That’s adorable.

Oh wow, no one has ever made this claim about men and guns before. *eye roll*

And what about women who double down on the necessity of owning an AR-15? Same assumptions?


Annnd we’re dead.

Thanks for that, Adam.


She did.

That was … weird.

Oh, and since she wrote this over and over again that totally makes it true.




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