As Twitchy reported earlier today, Ted Cruz schooled the H-List actress on the Bible and the second amendment in a fairly kick-a*s thread. In the thread, Ted offered to meet with Alyssa about gun control and it looks like she is trying to set something up …

Granted, the video of herself is really annoying and she’s awfully busy shaming the GOP and ignoring everything Ted told her but hey, this could be a hoot.

Take a gander.

Ok, so this damn video is like 14 minutes long and there is NO WAY this editor can sit and listen to her prattle on and on but at LEAST it looks like she is open to meeting with Ted next week while she’s in DC.

Better start making the popcorn now.

We’re not sure we believe she’s looking forward to it, but we are.


Yeah, talk to a guy who already agrees with you. That will definitely make a difference.


Thinking she’s gonna need it.


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