As Twitchy readers know, Ted Cruz really and truly lit the New York Times up for switching their mantra from ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ to ‘racism, racism, racism.’ The good senator’s point was pretty simple in that the media (and that does include the NYT) should focus on reporting actual NEWS and not a narrative.

John Harwood for whatever reason got his britches all sorts of bunched up:

John. Dude. Walk away.

Oh, good, it’s WaPo’s token conservative. And hey, if anyone knows crazy, it’s Jenn.

Guess you could say Ted went OFF:

Note, Ted quote-tweeted a thread which may or may not open up a spacetime continuum, we’ll keep you posted.

Real journalist.

That’s adorable.

Sort of like government intelligence.

It sounds like they want to reshape our history to make the country look like a racist crap-hole so the Democrats actually have something to campaign on.

Reframe. Reshape.

They can’t hurt Trump with Russia so now they want to hurt him by rewriting our history.

Boy, this is just pathetic.

Gold star for the sick Star Wars reference.

And we doubt Harwood will engage with anything factual, it would go against everything he knows.


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