Sharyl Attkisson chimed in on why the New York Times has decided to map out their narrative in a way to shape all news and events they cover in the context of racism. So we figure this means if they write about a really bad traffic jam they’ll blame evil white men and racism for it.

Or something.

Sharyl, of course, said it far better:

And for whatever reason, this seems to have ‘triggered’ TPM’s Josh Marshall.

We’re shocked Josh doesn’t have Sharyl blocked …

Not sure why he’s so mad at her for explaining what it is the NYT has openly said they plan to do.


White nationalists.

They do realize at this point they are all but re-electing Trump in 2020 with this nonsense, yes?

That. ^


That’s not what she said, Joshy.


He’s one smart cookie.


She went on …

He started it.

Happy to rest on a rep when he blocks anyone and everyone who might disagree with him.

How convenient.


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