After the week Democrats have had, between Epstein, Fredo and other chaos, we knew (@sean_spicier) would have a thing or two to tweet about everything, so we checked his timeline and as usual, it was a buffet of hilarious. His tweets STILL freak out the masses because so many of them think he’s the real Sean Spicer.

Even after all of these YEARS.

We suppose we’re not dealing with the brightest crayons in the box but you’d think by now they’d have figured out they’re being ‘spicied’. Luckily they’re all far too angry to actually pay attention to who they’re screeching at …

Like his tweet on Christmas.


And then Beto …

So ANGRY over such a fairly harmless tweet. Imagine how tiring it must be to go through life this mad all of the time.

And of course, Fredo:

Oh, the IRONY of someone who’s been fooled by a parody calling that parody clueless.

Did he say seaman?

If you have to explain your dig it was a fail.

Just sayin’.

They try SO hard.

And now Epstein.

Someone wanna tell ‘Deb’?

Ooh, you know they mean business when they spell ass like ‘azz’.


And now, we’re dead.

You know Michelle here is a blast at birthday parties.

Throwing in a couple of ‘singles’:

It’s all they do, other than watch CNN and yell at parody accounts on Twitter.

HOO boy.

Never. Gets. Old.


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