Sounds like the Left’s new talking points for the 2020 election are all around hoping for a recession to hit America.

Imagine wanting to be in power SO MUCH that you’re hoping for the entire country to suffer in a recession.

This is the Democratic Party, folks. When they tell you they care about Americans, that they want to level the playing field and want policies that work for all Americans they are full of crap.

Awww yes, the ‘tax cuts only helped the rich’ BS. Guess that means 80% of this country is wealthy because that’s who those evil tax cuts helped. Ted Lieu was front and center to almost ‘cheer’ for the idea that Americans could suffer a recession … not even kidding.

Wow, Ted. This is not a great look, at all.

He’s almost giddy at the idea of Americans failing …

Because he’s a Democrat.

We saw ‘Unamerican Tool’ open for ‘Angry Beavers’ back in 07.

Asking Ted to actually do his job?



Ding ding ding.


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