CBS Philly reporter Alexandria Hoff was on the ground covering the Philadelphia shooting when she witnessed something she called a ‘major moment of disappointment’ at the scene.

So people were taunting, laughing, and yelling at police officers even as they were getting shot?

Gosh, we’re super shocked by this behavior considering how hard Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris have been working to make sure the police are treated with respect and dignity in this country.

Oh, wait.

When even a local reporter from PHILLY is caught off guard by the behavior you know it was bad.

Thanks, Obama.


Angle. What?

Atta girl.

‘Patrick’ wasn’t the only person coming down on Alexandria for reporting on the people mocking the police during the shooting. Some even tried to somehow make this about Trump and white supremacy (don’t make that face, we didn’t include the tweets) but we suppose it wouldn’t be Twitter if there weren’t a bunch of people shaking their fists and making noise for no good reason.

What he said, except the ‘beyond belief’ piece.

Sadly, this is all too believable.


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