Every day we ask ourselves how this can be real life and then every day we laugh and remind ourselves we cover Twitter for a living. After Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide on Saturday, social media was flooded with all sorts of conspiracy theories (heck, Joe Scarborough tried to blame Russia for it), and it sounds like Hillary Clinton’s long-time pal David Brock’s ShareBlue organization was busy-busy sending out talking points to ‘members of the press affiliated with ShareBlue’:


Role-playing Conservative.

We especially ‘like’ ‘Do #2’ the most, remind people of prior allegations against Trump. *eye roll*

Now, there are some people claiming this was not leaked, that it’s not legit, that the ‘far-right spin machine’ has created this to discredit the press and we suppose any of that is possible BUT it’s also entirely possible this is a legit email that was legitimately leaked.

We wouldn’t hold our breath …

This editor went out to Oliver Willis’ timeline to see if there was anything similar to what the alleged email directs the press to say and we found a couple interesting tweets.

Reminding people of Trump’s power as president?


Accounts claiming this isn’t a big deal or legit look a have a lot of ‘waves’ in their bios, like this one:

So propaganda to correct supposed propaganda.

This person using ‘right wingnuts’ totally makes us take them seriously.


FYI, when we check ShareBlue’s Twitter feed we don’t see any stories about Epstein … not on their site either.

*adjusts tinfoil hat a little more*


‘You disgust me.’ Joe Scarborough should delete his VILE Epstein tweet and then go ahead and just DELETE his account too

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