Ok, full transparency, this editor already has a soft spot for Andrew W.K. Forget that his music is always fun (when it’s time to party we WILL party hard), but if you come across him in social media he’s always positive, supportive, and honestly just someone great to follow.

And this letter Mollie Hemingway shared that he wrote to a young man claiming his dad ‘is a right-wing as*hole* is perhaps one of the best things this editor has had the opportunity to read in a good long while.

From The Village Voice:

Hi Andrew,

I’m writing because I just can’t deal with my father anymore. He’s a 65-year-old super right-wing conservative who has basically turned into a total asshole intent on ruining our relationship and our planet with his politics.

Not including the whole letter, but you should go read it.

Andrew replied:

Dear Son of A Right-Winger,

Go back and read the opening sentences of your letter. Read them again. Then read the rest of your letter. Then read it again. Try to find a single instance where you referred to your dad as a human being, a person, or a man. There isn’t one. You’ve reduced your father — the person who created you — to a set of beliefs and political views and how it relates to you. And you don’t consider your dad a person of his own standing — he’s just “your dad.” You’ve also reduced yourself to a set of opposing views, and reduced your relationship with him to a fight between the two. The humanity has been reduced to nothingness and all that’s left in its place is an argument that can never really be won. And even if one side did win, it probably wouldn’t satisfy the deeper desire to be in a state of inflamed passionate conflict.

We’re not crying, YOU’RE CRYING.

And guys, that’s not even the best part … trust us, go read this letter.

Andrew W.K. is the shiznit.

And he can party hard.

‘Nuff said.


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