We’re not entirely sure why the little blue checkmark that could, Alan Cole, took it upon himself to pick a fight with Generation X but here we are …

Awww, it’s probably because the yahoos said Sean Astin was from ‘Stranger Things,’ when any person with a half a brain in their head knows Sean is known for ‘The Goonies.’ But c’mon, he had to know this wouldn’t end well for him …


We looked through Alan’s replies and we don’t see a lot of people disavowing the Brat Pack but we do see a lot of people calling Alan a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie.


Every once in a while it’s like Gen X has to put Millennials in their place.

Just another example that educated doesn’t necessarily mean intelligent.


The joke, of course, being all Gen Xr’s know Social Security will likely be gone way before any of us retire.

And there you have it.


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