Both Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok have filed lawsuits against the government.

Within days of one another.

*things that make you go hmmm:

Lacked candor?

What the heck does that even mean?

We lack candor every day. *shrug*

Sean Davis may well be onto something here:

Trying to play the victim. Could be.


From Fox News:

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe sued the Justice Department and the FBI Thursday over his dismissal from the bureau last year, arguing that the agencies bowed to political pressure from President Trump.

The lawsuit accuses President Trump of scheming to “discredit and remove DOJ and FBI employees who were deemed to be his partisan opponents because they were not politically loyal to him” and claims former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and current FBI Director Christopher Wray created a pretext to force him out in accordance with the president’s wishes.

Hrm. Interesting timing on this indeed.


Peter Strzok, the former FBI agent who opened the bureau’s Russia probe in 2016 and later became a symbol of alleged “deep state” animus for Donald Trump, is suing the government over his firing.

In a lawsuit filed on Tuesday, Strzok excoriates the Justice Department and FBI for their handling of his dismissal over a trove of text messages he wrote to a colleague that were critical of Trump. Strzok accuses the president of inappropriately bullying law enforcement officials deciding his fate, raises questions about why his texts were leaked to the media and lambastes the administration for only defending its employees’ free speech rights when they are praising Trump.

Hrm again.


Objectively insane applies to this entire mess.


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