Kimberley Strassel wrote a fairly epic thread about the Left and the media’s behavior around guns, gun control, and the language they use to push an agenda.

And damn, it’s a good one.

Get ’em, Kimberley.

No, you know what? Drag them works better here.

They really do act like it’s no big deal to crap on the Second Amendment.


On the Left.

Right, that’ll happen. And monkeys might fly outta our butts.

But the people WANT THEM or something.

Oh, wait, no they really don’t but it’s an easy claim to make when you’re not overly concerned about being factual.


That’s even funnier than them being consistent.

They can’t define assault weapon because they know there is no such thing.

Otherwise, it’s any gun that goes ‘pew pew pew.’

Nailed it.

Told ya’.


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