When Joaquin Castro outed a group of Trump donors on Twitter as a means to shame, intimidate, and yes target them, the Left and the media (same difference) made every excuse in the book for why it was ok.

‘It’s public information anyway!’

‘Why are they ashamed of donating?!’

‘They support white supremacy, they deserve to be outed!’

In other words, it was the donor’s fault that Castro doxxed them.

Listen to this (note, you will want earbuds/headphones on if you listen to this in public):

‘I think you’re a scumbag and I f*cking despise everything you stand for … I am going to spread your information all over the Internet.’

We told them.

Thousands of us told them, but they didn’t listen.

And we’re going to bet this is only the beginning.

Seeing this a lot.


Indeed it is. And let’s not pretend Joaquin didn’t know exactly what he was doing with that list.

This should sink Castro. It won’t, but it should.


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