An armed man walked into a Springfield, MO Walmart dressed in body armor and was confronted at gunpoint by an off-duty firefighter.

A good guy with a gun stopped a potential bad guy with a gun.

From NBC News:

The armed man who walked into a Missouri Walmart store dressed in body armor and fatigues and was detained at gunpoint by an off-duty firefighter is “lucky he’s alive still” considering the situation he created, a police official said.

No shots were fired in the incident that happened just after 4 p.m. Thursday in Springfield, Missouri, a city of around 160,000 in the southwestern part of the state, officials said.

Note, we used NBC’s coverage to make a point of just how abysmal CNN’s coverage of the same story has been. Take a look at this.

That’s their big tweet? Their draw? Their lede? Gosh, notice anything missing from this? Some HUGE part of the story that even NBC thought was important enough to lead off with?

This IS CNN.

Such a joke.

Even without bias, that’s a HUGE part of the story … that CNN left out of their lede and chose to bury waaaaaay down in the story.

And they wonder why we make fun of them.


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