As Twitchy reported, Trish Regan wrote some questionable tweets about assault weapons earlier this week, all but coming out in favor of gun control. Dana Loesch attempted to dialogue with Trisha about her thoughts on guns …

Which of course brought out the worst of the very worst of Twitter.

We don’t know how Dana puts up with this crap.

Note: It appears the troll has deleted her tweet BUT we were good enough to grab it for her, so she doesn’t forget it.

We’re givers that way.

This went swimmingly for ‘Lisa’.


At this point, ‘Lisa’s’ tweet is still up and holy cow, look at that ratio. In our field, we see some impressive ratios but WHOA NELLY that’s a big one. Note, Twitter has done nothing about the tweet that is instructing Dana to put a gun in her mouth … so far.

But you know there’s no bias or anything on Twitter.


If you spend any time reading Dana’s timeline you know she’s right.

But Dana being Dana, she used the troll to make a point about red flag laws:

Gosh, we wonder why as well.

Oh, wait, no we don’t.


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