If you ever need a reminder of why liberals should never take over the White House again look no further than this thread from ‘Jamie Carter’. Typically here at Twitchy we just grab the tweets in the thread and share them BUT if there is an abundance of curse words in the tweets we end up taking a screenshot.

Her entire rant is foul, so we just took one big screenshot from ThreadReader:

She seems nice, right?

Not unhinged or terrifying at all.


Right? It can’t be healthy to be this enraged all of the time.

Annnd totally snagging that meme for another day.


It’s this attitude that will convince lots and lots of people who may not have been all in for Trump in 2016 to vote for him in 2020. Sure, he may say and tweet off-putting and even obnoxious things but at least he’s not writing crazy threads about how he’ll punish the other side when he’s in charge.

Really, if we think about it, we suppose Trump should thank ‘Jamie’.

She’s doing his campaign work for him.


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