Every once in a while we come across a classy thread.

Super classy even.

Like this thread on the evils of white women from a professor named Preston Mitchum (according to Preston’s bio, he also writes for ThinkProgress, The Root, and MTV which says a lot):

Freakin’ white women.


He seems nice, right? You know he’s a blast at birthday parties.

We’re not sure Preston really knows any white women … just sayin’.


From the bottom of this editor’s heart (who happens to be a white woman), get bent, prof.

Oh, so it’s all white women, not just evil conservative white women.

Gosh, Preston, thanks for clarifying.

Shaping young minds.


Oh just a little.

Indeed it is. But when you have people pushing a narrative (like this) that vilifies huge groups of others, folks like Preston feel justified in writing such horrible garbage because in their little minds, if white women vote for Trump and disagree with them politically they deserve to be harassed.

We read a lot of stupid on Twitter (hello, we cover AOC), but this is really dumb.

Congrats Preston!


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