Every two weeks or so this editor likes to check in with our favorite parody (and yours) @sean_spicier. True story, every time we open up his timeline we almost expect the Left (and some people on the Right) to have figured out his schtick but nope … every time we look there’s a fresh batch of stupid just waiting for us to write about.

Sean is the gift that keeps on giving, but unlike AOC or Eric Swalwell, it’s good gifts.

See for yourself.

And what more can we ask for?

Relocated definitely sounds way better.


You know ‘John’ here thought ‘Sean Sphincter’ was a serious zinger … the Left cannot meme and they cannot come up with a decent zinger either.



They never look for the little blue checkmark.

Years and years now … and they never look.

Nope, no receipt.

Right!? It all makes sense now.

We kinda sorta love how Sean tweeted about mental illness and the Left kept proving his tweet right.


Oh, man.

Left hand on green!

Yet so far.

Notice she went so far as to tag the correct Twitter account but is still complaining at Spicier.

Twitter, right?

Never gets old.

Not even a little.


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