Man, Marco Rubio is really pushing his ‘Red Flag’ proposal. You’d think after the way he was treated during CNN’s Town Hall after the horrific Parkland shooting he would know better than to bend the knee to the gun-control crowd but guess not.

Read the bill here.

Dana Loesch had many, many concerns and questions for Rubio:

Talk about a slippery freakin’ slope.

She had more.

Yes, yes many are legitimately concerned. Especially when it’s obvious how many on the Left are more than willing to ‘tattle’ on someone or even make something up that could get an innocent person flagged. Heck, they’re harassing people for donating to Trump, do those who support Red Flag laws really think a law like this won’t be abused?

Seems Rubio may not have really thought this through.

Let’s hope he goes on with Dana and can answer her questions.

“It is much more important to kill bad bills than to pass good ones.” ~ Calvin Coolidge


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