Bloomberg correspondent Gregory Korte made a pretty big deal about Francis Robert O’Rourke putting his campaign on pause after the El Paso shooting.

From Bloomberg:

Since the Saturday shooting, O’Rourke has displayed raw emotions as he’s attended vigils, memorials and hospitals. He profanely lashed out at a reporter and challenged the press to “connect the dots” on what he called Trump’s incitement of racism and violence.

O’Rourke left the Democratic debates in Detroit last week for three days of campaigning in Nevada. He canceled a visit to California’s San Quentin prison scheduled for Monday, two days after the shooting. And Wednesday, he said he was canceling Friday’s appearance in Iowa as well.

He was scheduled to appear at the Des Moines Register Soapbox at the Iowa State Fair — a campaign staple that only three other invited candidates — Democrats Mike Gravel and Wayne Messam, and Republican President Donald Trump — have not committed to.

Maybe we’re cynical but this sounds like campaigning to us, especially since El Paso is at the center of attention right now. Brit Hume appears to have thought the same:

It’s all just a coincidence, right Beto?

Fine, always pickin’ on bunnies.

Ummm … we were told there would be NO math.

He really has been sort of ‘eh’.

An interesting point and a possibility.

Brutal, but not totally untrue.


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