On a morning where the country truly is reeling from two separate shootings, Jake Tapper interviewed Robert Francis O’Rourke among other Democratic presidential hopefuls.

Sorry, this editor refuses to feed the narrative that his name is Beto.

Granted, Jake said he did invite Republicans on the show as well but after the way CNN treated Marco Rubio after Parkland it would appear none of them were willing to go on the air and get blamed for the shootings.

And honestly, after watching Jake interview Robert Francis, who could blame them?


Sweet baby corn.

Makes Jake’s efforts to appear unbiased by interviewing Republicans look not so sincere.

Just gross. No wonder Neera Tanden felt comfortable campaigning on this already …

Oh, that’s right! They brought in Richard Spencer a few weeks ago … ROFL.

Well, of course, they are.

Clicks and taps, baby.

And that’s what it really boils down to. The families get to watch the media help Democrats exploit their loved ones for political gain.



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