You know those tweets you read that make you tilt your head to the side because you’re not sure if what you just read is real? That’s exactly what happened when this editor came across Matt Yglesias’ tweet about Kirsten Gillibrand.

Way to go, Matt. Keep your party divided … awesome.

We get it, he was probably really disappointed with how abysmal the crop of Democratic hopefuls for 2020 really is BUT this was a bad take, even for him.

It really is.

When your entire narrative is based on ‘white people bad’ there is no way for any white candidate to say the right thing, ever. It will always come back to their skin color … yay Democrats.

Thank goodness ‘orange man bad’ and stuff.


If this is even a half-joke it’s really unfunny.

And he’s left it up, probably because deep down Matt really wasn’t joking.

Fair question.

Right? So bad.


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