Kirsten Gillibrand wants Americans to know she is infuriated by her own white privilege … and she has a staffer who is black so she knows all about the struggle or something.

Democrats, level with us, even you guys don’t buy this crap, right?

From the Washington Examiner:

“Now as a white woman, who has certainly experienced enormous amounts of white privilege. I travel with a staff member who is black, and I see how she is being treated differently when we walk into a hotel. I see it, and it infuriates me,” Gillibrand said as she raised her voice.

She finished by saying it was her responsibility to lift up black voices like one of the members of her team.

Gillibrand’s explanation of white privilege came after she gave a similar pitch Thursday at an Ohio campaign stop after being asked about the economic depression in the region that had affected both white and black people.

Gillibrand is tied for 19th place in the 2020 Democratic presidential race, polling at 0.2% according to the latest RealClearPolitics average of polls.

Tied for 19th place.


Considering Kristen’s staff had to explain to her how to eat fried chicken this may not be far from the truth.


She wishes.



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