Dan Crenshaw has the Left’s number …

Hating America has become the hot new thing on the Left as evident over the past few days watching the media conveniently leave out a rather large portion of Trump’s tweets calling ‘the squad’ out. You know, the ‘come back’ part … but hey, that ‘anti-America, America bad, Americans are to blame for everything’ narrative ain’t gonna write itself ya’ know.

He absolutely would be.

Sad but true.

Dan tells it like it is and the Left just can’t DEAL.

Just take a look at these responses:

Gosh, she seems nice. You know she’s a blast at birthday parties.

Yes, that’s a lot of what we’re seeing on the left.

Super classy.

America BAD, Dan!

Pointing out how much the Left seems to hate America is ‘descending into this kinda stuff’.


They are just RELENTLESS when it comes to being totally uninformed and/or misinformed.

Lot to unwrap here, folks.

This lil fella must think it’s 2009.

Comments like these go on and on and on.

And all Dan did was point out how hard the Left is working to divide this country … guess you could say the ‘haters’ proved him right.


THIS is why people hate the media –> Brian Stelter’s latest SCOOP on Trump will SURELY be the end of his presidency (da da DA!)

Just because it’s funny as HELL –> Tweeps put together a thread of products for AOC in honor of Amazon #PrimeDay and ROFL

‘We have TRUTH on our side’: Scott Walker doesn’t pull a single PUNCH in thread about fighting AOC and Dems for young hearts and minds