When did journalists turn into giant, whiny tattletales? We get it, Brian Stelter is famous for being the annoying Hall Monitor and tattling is his bread and butter, but this ‘tattle’ on Trump was a reach even for him.

Imagine being so obsessed with trying to hurt the president that you report on his notes from a speech.



Granted, it wasn’t his story but he sure seemed excited to share it …

From the Washington Post:

Somewhat unusually, though, Trump was ready. As The Washington Post’s David Nakamura pointed out, as Trump transitioned to take press questions, he pulled notes from his pocket and glanced at them occasionally as he spoke.

Post photographer Jabin Botsford was there and took photos of Trump as he transferred the notes into and out of his jacket pocket. In doing so, Botsford captured much of what the notes contained: reminders to the president of points he wanted to hit.

We’ve re-created those notes below. All typos are in the original, and all underlining is original.

Their entire story is about Trump’s ‘notes.’

Tater shared it.

And these people wonder why we make fun of them.

The top of his head?

Awww, good times.

Ding ding ding.

And yet he still keeps going.


Yeah, Weebles.


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