It’s that time of year when our good, delicate, ‘patriotic’ friends on the Left take turns crapping all over America because you know, it’s super edgy and proves they are deep thinkers.

Or something.

Really all it does is piss most people off but hey, we suppose if this is their tradition they gotta stick with it, right?

Like the a-holes at the New York Times:


Certainly, they just owned the cons. TOTALLY owned us.

Oh, wait.

Dana Loesch had the best response:

‘We’ll show the cons! WE HATE OUR OWN COUNTRY so there!’

Buncha spoiled, ungrateful brats.

The responses only got better.

Hell YEAH!

Timing is interesting after Kaepernick’s tantrum over the Betsy Ross flag sneaker from Nike.


There’s the door, haters.


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