Hey guys, guess what? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is still trying to persuade everyone to believe that she was somehow a victim during her photo op … err … border tour yesterday, doubling down on her ridiculous claims against CBP officers.

We get it, she really wants to make this all about HER but c’mon.

Disrespectful of a bunch of Democrats visiting to pretend they care, trashing their jobs, and stirring the pot. Gosh, the monsters.


Rogue agency?

Is that like when Obama weaponized the IRS to target conservatives? Intel spying on Trump and his campaign? Asking for a friend.

Sure, CBP officers are the ones lying.


And neither will the words, ‘Taxes are too damn high.’

Wonder if she bothered to tell any of these people that she refused to fund their needs … guessing she did NOT.


OK, THIS is hilariously brutal –> Eric Swalwell can’t even beat a Chick-fil-A sandwich annnd we’re officially DYING over here

Hope he got a RECEIPT! Ted Cruz uses THE TRUTH to OWN Nike for yanking ‘Betsy Ross’ sneaker and all we can say is #MERICA

‘BREAKING: Rep. drama queen forced to follow rules!’ AOC smearing CBP officers goes all SORTS of wrong (David Hogg ‘assist’)

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