Welp, we’ve been watching Eric Swalwell’s ridiculously stupid gun-control poll for nearly 24 hours thinking that it would eventually reach one of the greatest self-own percentages EVER or to see if he’d delete it …

And wow guys, we see a lot of polls backfire but this one is impressive.

First, the guy can’t beat a Chick-Fil-A sandwich and now he can’t even win his own poll.

To be fair, we’re almost impressed he hasn’t deleted this because WOWZA, this is pretty damn embarrassing. At the time of this writing (and folks, this editor waited as long as she could to write this one) the ‘nos’ have it, 79% to 21% yes.

And we’re talking 103k votes.

Good news! If you want you can still vote in his lovely poll for another five hours.


How about ‘delete your account’, Eric.


That would at least give us something to think about.

Eric may be one of the greatest ratio machines on Twitter.



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