Americans love this country, don’t let the Left con you into thinking otherwise. Democrats need us to believe America is failing because otherwise, they have to accept Trump hasn’t done a half-bad job leading as president.

And as we know from watching the debates last week, even when the moderators pointed out that 72% of Americans believe they are doing better under Trump, every Democrat on that debate stage ignored that stat and tried their hardest to convince us all that we’re not better off.

We suppose this is part of what the Left does, complaining about living in the best country in the world, which is really freakin’ annoying. Luckily, Carol Roth is as annoyed as we are with this recent trend of crapping on America, so she started a thread about what Americans are grateful for … and it’s just what we needed to read today.

This is seriously so awesome.



Oddly specific but ok.

Hey man, whatever floats your boat.

Prayers up for Phil’s wife. Way way up.

He had us until the Cowboys … bleh, dude, for real? #GoBroncos

That works.

Well duh, who ISN’T thankful for sweet potato fries, right?

This editor is grateful for her family, her God, her country and the inherent freedoms she and all Americans have each and every day.

She also happens to be grateful for each and every Twitchy reader, but that doesn’t sound quite as patriotic. 


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