As Twitchy reported, John Cusack retweeted an anti-Semitic cartoon, then deleted it, then blamed a bot for it … then he took it upon himself to write a seriously bizarre thread about what happened and how he’s some great warrior against fascism or something.

Honestly, his inability to tweet legibly makes it very difficult for us to say for sure what his point was with this thread. We’re pretty sure he was trying to make himself look better here but we’ll let you guys take a gander and decide for yourselves.

So it wasn’t a bot?

Or it was a bot?

Note, he wrote this tweet twice in the thread but this one seemed a bit more coherent than the other so we went with it.


We know, this editor is being ‘that person’. She couldn’t help it.

Wait, so it’s American’s fault he was or wasn’t fooled by a bot and retweeted an anti-Semitic cartoon?

This is just getting confusing now.

Hey guys, watch his movie.


What an a-hole.

We’re thinking he meant, ‘score political cheap points’ but hey … what do we know?

And caress. What?

Welp, this went well, John.


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