The number of hate crime hoaxes that we have seen in the past couple of years alone has been absolutely alarming. Of course, if these hoaxes are indeed called out for being hoaxes the entire narrative about how racist, bigoted, homophobic, etc. this country is under Trump completely falls apart and our good, delicate friends in the Social Justice movement can’t have that, now can they.

Andy Ngo wrote a detailed thread about several hate crime hoaxes about trans people perpetuated by the Left …

Here we go.

Not a hate crime.

Well, let’s be honest, murder itself is a hate crime but not by today’s standards of using identity to pretend it’s even more hateful to kill certain people.

Not a hate crime.

Not a hate crime.

Not a hate crime.

Stolen money and drugs.


Terrible stories all of them but proof that this country is transphobic because ‘orange man bad’?

Sure doesn’t look that way.


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