It’s like Planned Parenthood president Leana Wen thinks we were all born yesterday.

Wait, born. We know she doesn’t like that word.

Our bad.

Does she really think anyone will believe Planned Parenthood was founded on the simple idea that women’s bodies were their own? C’mon.

In other words, Leana is worried about how much money her vile organization will lose in these states.


And there’s that miscarriage talking point again … pro-aborts are just awful.

She says that like it’s a bad thing.

We suppose if your bread and butter is abortion this would be a bad thing.

She leaves out the point that 80% of Americans want to see some sort of regulation placed on abortion, the most popular being that abortions should be limited to the first trimester. Hey, look at us pulling stats out of our backside just like her.

This is fun!

Live full and healthy lives, except for the unborn.

Reproductive rights.


We get it, her job is to defend abortion, but really? This was so bad.

She doesn’t even know her organization’s history:


But nice try, Leana.


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