As we reported recently, if you want a Hollywood celebrity who makes Bette Midler and her friends seem downright centrist, John Cusack’s your man. According to him, MAGA is a death cult, President Trump is Jim Jones, and the GOP are worshippers of Moloch. And that’s just an average tweet from him.

And even though he’s blocked everyone on Twitter, one of his retweets Monday managed to get through. He’s since deleted it and blamed “the bots,” but not before retweeting it a few times.

Follow the money? You mean, like, it’s all about the Benjamins, baby?

He then tweeted a link to — are you sitting down? — download the guide to anti-Semitism for the left. Dude, we don’t think they need a guide to be anti-Semitic … they’re doing just fine without it.

It’s important to understand what a “bot” is, though, for those who don’t know:

“Better Off Dead” is so quoteworthy.