As Twitchy reported (and reported again because AOC is truly a treasure trove of twittery this morning), AOC accused Trump of running concentration camps along the southern border and managed to tick most everyone off.

Then she doubled down on her comments and accidentally knee-capped Obama.

And NOW she’s defending her comments and snarking at Republicans for calling her out, especially Liz Cheney.

Hey, she said please.

Liz’s tweet musta stung just a little because AOC snapped at her:

Every day this editor thinks to herself, ‘Ok self, if you have to write about AOC saying something stupid again you might start to actually drop IQ points.’ And then every day this editor opens up Twitter and sees AOC tweets like this nonsense.

Seriously, she has to be a plant.

AOC wasn’t just angry with Liz, she was busy shrieking at all Republicans earlier this morning.


So wrong.

And that she’s trying to make this into a ‘Republicans pounce’ thing is just so gross.

@AG_Conservative took her claims apart:

AOC is definitely not the brightest crayon in the box.

At this point, she really should just admit she misspoke and apologize.

Yeah, right.

This has not been one of her finer moments …

Just so bad.


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