You know that old saying, ‘Don’t start none, won’t be none’?

Seems our good, sweet, dense, Democratic friends in Kentucky may have missed these simple words of wisdom that could have saved them a good deal of embarrassment on Twitter.

They realize Beto lost, right?

It doesn’t take a great political mind to come to the conclusion that this was a really stupid comparison to make.

Luckily there was a great political mind in Ted Cruz who was more than happy to make an example of the Kentucky Dems.



Wait, that doesn’t work here.

Or does it?

We’re going to allow it because it’s a kick-a*s tweet and, ‘Slay KIIIIIING’ doesn’t have the same oomph.


And enter the easily triggered angry types who always turn up on Ted’s threads because … well, they’re easily triggered and angry.

It’s like Democrats tossed out a few ‘hot words’ and these people picked them up and ran with them. What’s next, Russia?

We were just kidding.


Why not?

Democrats couldn’t beat him.


If by diversifying she means a bunch of Californians are trying to move in and turn Texas blue … sure.

Poor Jeremy. He seems upset.

And there it is.

Ted wins.


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