As Twitchy reported (a few times today now, heh), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez must have eaten a few more paint chips than usual because she said something immensely stupid about Trump running concentration camps at the border.

Then she doubled down.

Then she got defensive.

Then Liz Cheney took her apart …

And now Jimmy Kimmel writer, Bess Kalb, is doing her part to try and make AOC look less stupid.


Ok, so we get that Bess is trying to put this back on Liz but … huh?

The only person who invoked the Holocaust was AOC and Liz explained why that was stupid.

Anyone else feel like they’re taking crazy pills at this point?

It’s like they want to lose the election next year.

Just sayin’.

Yeah, that’s sort of an important piece that Bess and AOC left out.

Hey man, virtue signaling of this magnitude is tough.

All day this.

AOC’s fan club can spin, spin, and then spin some more but the reality of the situation is there is NEVER anything that anyone should compare to the Holocaust.





Don’t do it.

It never ends well.



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