Sharyl Attkisson noticed that Wikipedia has been using her retweets as proof of what she believes. As anyone who uses Twitter knows, sometimes you retweet things you may not agree with or endorse in order to have a bigger conversation.

We agree with Sharyl, it’s either Wiki being lazy OR looking for ways to push an agenda.

Their agenda.

Sharyl does such a good job here, pointing out that not all Wiki editors have an agenda which shows she’s working very hard not to be biased.

Unlike this Wikimedian … don’t make that face, it’s what the bio says.

Umm, what?

Someone’s stripes are showing.

Perhaps he or she should get out more often.

This editor would second Sharyl’s sentiments but the ‘Wikimedian’ has her blocked.


Suuure, her followers are the nutty ones.

As if we needed more proof of the very bias that Sharyl is talking about.


So cranky, sheesh!

And curtain.


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