Sounds like Rob Schneider has a new podcast.


And there’s no better way to push a podcast than by ticking off a bunch of anti-theists who will screech at you and about your podcast endlessly. Seriously, it’s like when Obama became the best gun salesman EVER.

Very clever.

And cue the raging, insecure, angry anti-theists who can’t deal with mockery.

Note, this editor does not consider people who rage about ‘flying spaghetti monsters’ to be atheists … these people are definitely anti-theists.

Danny tried so hard, too.

Maybe he should leave the jokes up to the comedian.

OR it could be that ‘religious people’ spend a lot of time getting shamed and ridiculed for what they believe so every once in a while they push back?

The irony of this guy thinking he’s making a valid argument.

Shocker, we’ve never heard an anti-theist make an argument against God using Santa and the Easter Bunny.

They must have some sort of pamphlet filled with annoying arguments they pass around at their angry little anti-theist get-togethers.

If anyone ever needed Jesus it’s this guy.

Because God is just like a unicorn.

If this editor rolled her eyes any further back in her head she’s dee behind herself.


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