Like a good little socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez already wants more of your money. As Twitchy readers know, AOC is definitely onboard to give herself a raise at the expense of taxpayers because lobbyists might make her take their evil, dark money or something if she doesn’t get one.

She wrote a thread about this topic first thing this morning:

So if taxpayers don’t give her money she’ll be forced to take dark money and stuff.

She really thought this was a good argument?

She might as well have said, ‘No no, little person, it’s ok. You should pay me more while you don’t make enough because that’ll show those evil rich people!’

OOOOOOOMG this woman.

And if a CEO who made as much as she does in the private world decided he or she needed a raise she’d be the first one to shame them for being greedy.

All we can really do is shake our heads at this point.

Because if we don’t DARK MONEY WINS! ELEVENTY!


Bingo again.

What say the taxpayers?

So bad.

It’s like she wanted to make herself look worse.

Seems taxpayers are against it, Sandy.

Better luck next time.


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