It’s not every day you see a dentist/activist/delegate making a fool of himself on Twitter trying desperately to pretend he actually matters in the gun-control debate, like Ibraheem Samirah out of Virginia.

Good news, he’s going to stop the NRA from pushing a false narrative by pushing his own false narrative.

Ain’t that cute?

Hate to break this to Ibraheem, but confiscating guns which is what a good many gun-grabbers really want to do, would absolutely negatively impact millions of law-abiding gun owners in this country.

Dana Loesch responded.

But he’s standing up to the NRA and stuff.

Awww that’s the tweet she’s talking about.

Yeah, Ibraheem should probably turn every NRA member in if he really believes we’re offering support to terrorists.

What a nob.

Dana continued:

And of course, if Dana is tweeting then Shannon Watts has to respond because she’s oddly and creepily obsessed with Dana.

We can’t decide who’s more desperate for attention, Ibraheem or Shannon.

Probably Shannon, who could ask Dana this question herself if she didn’t have her blocked.

Ibraheem latched onto Shannon though … thinking they would gang up on Dana.

And yeah no.

Take a seat, son.

Don’t worry, she did.


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