Someone really needs to take Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s ‘woman card’ away because she’s used it so much she has surely reached her credit limit by now, right? WE GET IT, Kirsten, you’re a woman and you only care about woman stuff.

Unless she’s in a gay bar and then she magically cares about the gay community.

Or unless she’s eating in a restaurant and is so worried about pandering correctly that she doesn’t know how to eat fried chicken.

This chick is just a mess.

A hot mess at that.

Dana Loesch punched her ticket.

Kirsten doesn’t really know who she is or what she should run on so she’s running the most basic and boring platform imaginable. A DNC cookie cutter if you will.


We’re starting to wonder.

Democrats talk a lot, they just don’t seem to say much.


And while we know he’s kidding (man, we hope he is), this is indeed Kirsten’s biggest challenge. Maybe she should spend more time talking about policy and less time pandering to demographics.


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